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Weeknotes: high on justice

1. What actions did I undertake this week?

This week had me flying high with the launch of my website. Very thankful for its positive reception and all the words of encouragement! Great to be riding that wave right now and inspiring to see there is such hunger out there for new initiatives, albeit modest ones.

2. What insights did I gain this week?

That the biggest part of your work is the people you work with. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, work will no longer feel like work. Setting up this project has given me the right pretext to reach out to people from my past: old colleagues, friends from the past or uni mates. In that sense this project has already born its fruits for me by reestablishing these meaningful connections. Very grateful for realising that putting yourself out there is not as scary as one might think.

3. What events in my area of interest impacted me the most?

The rain that has arrived in Greece and with it the worsening of conditions in the Moria 2.0 refugee camp. New democracy has promised there will be no refugees left in the camps by Easter next year. It is expected to rain 62 more times before that….

More from Greece: the verdict of the Golden Dawn trial which found its members guilty of running a hateful crime gang rang like music to my ears. A big win for democracy, although part of that win was already established when they were voted out of parliament last year.

Hoping for a similar triumph for justice and democracy in the upcoming Assange verdict, though that may prove more difficult.

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